Checking out a folder into an existing project

To check out a folder from a CVS repository into an existing project in the Workbench, you can use either the Checkout wizard or Check Out As from the CVS Repositories view. Follow these steps to use the Checkout wizard.

  1. Launch the Checkout wizard..
  2. Select the desired repository from the list of known repositories or, if the desired repository is not in this list, choose to create a new repository location and click Next. If entering a new repository location, enter the repository information and click Next when completed.
  3. Either select one or more modules from the list of existing modules or type in the name of the module to be checked out and click Next.
  4. Choose whether to check out one or more selected modules into an existing project and click Next.
  5. On the next page you can provide the following information:
    1. Target folder name (only when checking out a single module): The name of a local folder in which the contents of the remote folder will be placed. Note: If the local folder exists, its contents will be deleted and replaced by the contents of the remote folder.
    2. Parent of target folder: The existing local folder into which the target folders will be created.
    3. Checkout sub-folders (only when checking out a single module): The option to indicate whether the sub-folders of the remote folder should be checked out as children of the target folder.
  6. (Optional) Select the tag to check out from and click Finish.

Note: Only folders within non-shared projects or projects shared with the same CVS repository as the selected remote folder are valid targets for the Checkout Into operation. Also, if the target project of the operation is an unshared project, the project will be connected to the CVS repository (i.e. the project will become a shared CVS project) but any pre-existing content will be ignored.

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