Project checked out with another CVS tool

It is possible to use a CVS project checked out using another CVS tool into Eclipse. A common concern for those migrating to Eclipse is that they already have their CVS project checked out on their local machine. You don't have to check out the contents again to create a project in Eclipse. When such a project is imported into Eclipse, the CVS plug-in may detect that CVS folders exist and auto-share the project. However, there are some instance were this does not occur and the project will need to be shared manually within Eclipse in order to enable the CVS Team menu operations.

To share an CVS project that was already checked out:

  1. In one of the navigation views, select the project to be shared.
  2. Select Team > Share Project... from the project's pop-up menu. The Share Project wizard opens.
  3. From the list of available repository providers, choose CVS and click Next to go to the next page. (Note: If CVS is not present in the list, it may be disabled. Clicking on the Show All Wizards button should make it visible.)
  4. The next page displays the sharing information stored in the CVS folder of the project. Click Finish to share the project and enable the CVS Team menu operations.

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