Sharing a new project using CVS

There are several scenarios that can occur when sharing a project using CVS. The most common scenario is sharing a new project using CVS when the project does not already exist remotely.

To share a new project using CVS:

  1. In one of the navigation views, select the project to be shared.
  2. Select Team > Share Project... from the project's pop-up menu. The Share Project wizard opens.
  3. From the list of available repository providers, choose CVS and click Next to go to the next page. (Note: If CVS is not present in the list, it may be disabled. Clicking on the Show All Wizards button should make it visible. Also note that if there is only repository provider registered for your workspace, you will automatically bypass this step entirely.)
  4. Select the target repository from the list of known repositories or, if the target repository is not in this list, choose to create a new repository location and click Next.
  5. If entering a new repository location, enter the repository information and click Next when completed. (Note: this page is the same format as the Creating a CVS repository location wizard.)
  6. Either choose to use the name of the local project as the remote project name or enter another name and click Next.
  7. The final page shows you the resources of the new project as outgoing additions. You can choose to commit or ignore resources from this page. (Note: If the project already exists remotely, the page will show conflicts on any files that exist both locally and remotely. Only those files whose contents do not match are shown.)
  8. Click Finish to share the project with the repository. You will be prompted to commit any resources in the new project that have not yet been committed or ignored. Choosing to do so will run the commit operation in the background.

Consequences for Linked Resources

As mentioned in Linked resources, different providers may handle linked resources differently. For Team CVS, linked resources are allowed but ignored. Specifically, projects which contain linked resources can be shared with CVS, but the linked resources themselves cannot be version controlled.

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