CVS Label Decorations

Label Decorations are used by CVS to show important synchronization information about workspace resources. Decorations can effect the text or the icon of the label associated with a resource. The text decorators are configurable on the CVS Label Decorations Preference page which can also be used to indicate which icons are to be enabled. Here is a description of the icons used by CVS.

Decoration Resource type Description
Version control icon Any Indicates that the resource is under version control.
Outgoing icon Any Indicates that the resource or one of its children contains outgoing changes.
Edit local icon File Indicates that the project containing the file has been configured to use watch/edit and the file is being edited locally.
Merge conflict icon File Indicates that the file contains a merge conflict which has not yet been resolved. The conflict is considered resolved once the file is modified and saved.
No remote folder icon Project or Folder Indicates that the folder is under version control but does not correspond to an existing remote directory but is instead most likely a module defined in the CVSROOT/modules file.
Not under version control icon File or Folder Indicates that the resource is not under version control.

Note: Resources that are ignored by CVS will not be decorated by any of the above CVS decorations.

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