File menu

The File menu enables you to create, save, close, print, import, and export Workbench resources and to exit the Workbench.

New (Shift+Alt+N)
Enables you to create new resources. Before you can create a new file, you must create a project in which to store the file.
Open File
Enables you to open a file for editing - including files that do not reside in the Workspace.
Close (Ctrl+W)
Closes the active editor. You are prompted to save changes before the file closes.
Close All (Shift+Ctrl+W)
Closes all open editors. You are prompted to save changes before the files close.
Save edit image Save (Ctrl+S)
Saves the contents of the active editor.
Save as image Save As
Enables you to save the contents of the active editor under another file name or location.
Save all image Save All (Shift+Ctrl+S)
Saves the contents of all open editors.
Replaces the contents of the active editor with the previously saved contents.
Enables you to move the currently selected resources to a different project or to create a Java package with those resources.
Rename (F2)
Enables you to change the name of the currently selected resource.
Refresh (F5)
Refreshes the resource with the contents in the file system.
Convert Line Delimiters To
Alters the line delimiters for the selected files. Changes are immediate and persist until you change the delimiter again - you do not need to save the file.
Print editor image Print (Ctrl+P)
Prints the contents of the active editor.
Switch Workspace
Opens the Workspace Launcher, from which you can switch to a different workspace. This restarts the Workbench.
Import wizard image Import
Launches the Import wizard, which enables you to add resources to the Workbench.
Export wizard image Export
Launches the Export wizard, which enables you to export resources from the Workbench.
Properties (Alt+Enter)
Opens the Properties dialog for the currently selected resource. You can learn:
Recent file list
Contains a list of the most recently accessed files in the Workbench. You can open any of these files from the File menu by simply clicking the file name. You can control the number of files in this list from the Editors preference page.
Closes and exits the Workbench.