Help Content preferences

Help topics from remote servers can be included seamlessly into the local help system. Use the Help > Content preference page to configure one or more remote server to include content from.



Include help content from a remote infocenter If checked, this option enables the use of remote help content. The rest of the fields on the page are only enabled if this option is checked.
Add/Edit/Delete Add, edit or delete a remote data source
View Properties View the properties for this remote data source
Test Connection Tests to see if it is possible to connect to this host/port combination
Disable/Enable Allows a data source to be disabled so the help system will not try to read topics from that source.

Here is what the Help Content preferences page looks like:  

Help Content Preference Page

Pressing the "Add" button opens a dialog to add a new infocenter, these are the fields that can be entered in the Add new infocenter dialog. 



Name A name for this infocenter
Host Specifies the host name of the system that is running the infocenter to server remote help content. This must be a host name and cannot be a URL (i.e. it cannot start with "http://")
Path Specifies the context root of the Infocenter application running on the host.
Port If "Use default port" is selected, port 80 will be used to access remote content on the host. To use any other port the "Use port" option must be selected and the correct port must be specified in the text field.


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