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Installing WinANT

This task topic is the procedure to install WinANT.
To install WinANT, you need the installation executable file.
Run the WinANT installation program to install WinANT on your computer and automate the communication with ANT when publishing DITA output.
  1. Locate the file named winant_setup.
  2. Double-click winant_setup. An Open File dialog box opens.
  3. Click Run. The WinAnt Installation wizard opens.
  4. Click Next. The directory where the application will install displays. You can type, or browse to, a different directory.
  5. Click Next. The program folder where the application will sit displays. You can type a folder name, or select a folder from the list to change this.
  6. Click Next. A summary of the installation displays.
  7. Click Install. The program installs on your computer.
  8. Click Finish. WinANT is now included in your program list in your Windows Start menu.
The WinANT application installs several files on your computer.
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