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This reference topic lists common problems and possible solutions.

Troubleshooting means resolving problems you might encounter when using software. Common problems have known resolutions. If you experience problems when trying to transform content with WinANT, the Log File suggests possible resolutions to your problem.

Table 1. Troubleshooting WinANT build errors
DITA content does not build. There are several possible resolutions to this error and they are all located on the DITA OT tab.
  • Ensure the directory in the DITA OT Folder points to the location of your DITA Open Toolkit files.
  • The directory in the DITA OT Folder must end with a backslash.
  • Tick the Fixes Resolver checkbox.
  • If you choose to Omit shortdesc as an option, copy any XSL files ending with _shortdesc from the WinANT resource folder to your DITA OT/xsl folder.
Required output type is not listed. Download the latest WinANT executable file and copy it into your WinANT folder, replacing the file of the same name. This will update your Output Type list to include all supported output types.
Processed output does not reflect your latest changes. There are several possible resolutions to this error.
  • Delete the out folder in your working directory.
  • Transform to a different output type.
  • Close and re-open WinANT.
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