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About DITA OT Plug-Ins

This topic explains how plug-ins can be used to extend the functionality of the DITA Open Toolkit.

Plug-ins are add-ons or extensions to the core functionality of an application. The DITA Open Toolkit features a plug-in architecture, making it easy for developers to create custom extensions to the toolkit (such as new processing targets and new specialisation) independently of the core Toolkit development, and for users to take advantage of these extensions.

You can download plug-ins from two main Web sites:

Read the instructions for installing the plug-ins carefully, and follow the steps accurately.

Some plug-ins require the Saxon XSL-T processor rather than the standard Xalan XSL-T processor. Others may specifically need to use the standard Xalan processor. WinANT will try to use the correct processor for the correct plug-in.