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FO (PDF2) Plug-in (DITA OT versions prior to 1.5)

This topic describes the Idiom PDF2 plug-in, and its pre-requisites.

The FO (also known as PDF2) plug-in was donated to the DITA community by Idiom Technologies, which has since been acquired by SDL Enterprise Technologies.

The FO plug-in works in conjunction with three other programs:

To manuall install the FO plug-in, you must download and install these programs separately. WinANT simplifies this process considerably.

With WinANT, you only have to install the FO plug-in and (separately) the XEP program (because it requires a licence). There is a free personal edition of XEP which is suitable for use with the FO plug-in. XEP comes with the minimum Saxon components needed, and WinANT will use that version if you don't have a full version of Saxon installed already. WinANT will also automatically copy the IBM icu4j.jar file into the correct location in your DITA OT folder structure.

The FO plug-in expects to find XEP in [DITA OT folder]/demo/fo/lib/xep, and Saxon in [DITA OT folder]/demo/fo/lib/xep/lib. If you install XEP in a different location, you must specify the location of both Saxon and XEP on WinANT's DITA OT tab.

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